It is the intention of Monkey Banners, or any of its trading styles, to conduct its business so as to minimise adverse effects on the environment. Monkey Banners will undertake to assess the impact of its activities and adopt procedures, control measures and business practices, which protect the environment. We will ensure regulatory compliance by setting standards that are to be achieved for all areas of our business. We will monitor and audit those standards on a regular basis and maintain an action plan aimed at continual improvement.

This policy is operational throughout the business and the key aims are:

  • Preserving and enhancing the current environmental position
  • Reducing environmental damage caused by the use of resources
  • Reducing pollution by effective precautions, monitoring and prompt action where necessary
  • Reduction of waste
  • Raising awareness amongst stakeholders of environmental issues
  • Working collaboratively with stakeholders to positively impact on environmental issues

Auditing and Environmental Risk Assessment will form the basis of our action planning and resource allocation. Performance standards and areas for improvement will be based on these foundations. Performance will be formally monitored on an annual basis. Risk assessments will be kept under continuous review.

Responsibilities for the Operation of this Policy

Environment Co-ordinator

The overall responsibility for the operation of this policy lies with our Environmental Manager. The designated individual will be allocated the resources to put into effect the Policy. It is the responsibility of the Environmental Coordinator to implement an Environmental Management System.

The role of The Environmental Manager is to proactively manage and coordinate the activities of Monkey Banners to ensure efficiency and maximum return on investment. They will be supported by the Board of Directors in the effective implementation of the Policy.

The Environmental Co-ordinator will propose performance targets to the Board based on effective auditing. They are responsibility for the drawing up and implementation of a monitored action plan and will report progress to the board on a three monthly basis.

Managers and Supervisors

All managers will actively participate in the promotion and operation of the policy, which will be allocated a similar level of priority as other business activities including production and sales. Managers will ensure that all employees are aware of the measures necessary to ensure compliance with our Policy.

All Employees

Each employee is to be aware of the efforts, priorities and activities designed to protect the environment that may operate from time to time. The policy is to from an element of the induction process for each employee/new starter.

Individuals may be allocated specific responsibilities for the implementation of the policy. These responsibilities will be set out in writing and allocated only to those individuals that are competent to discharge them.

Expertise and Competence

The Board will appoint an individual(s) to provide expertise and specific competence where necessary. Where this individual is an external service provider, service level agreements are to be agreed in writing prior to the commencement of any project. It is expected that the Management System will be audited by an external organisation appointed by the Board.


Environmental performance will be audited on an annual basis. A report will be forwarded to the Board and will be included in the agenda as necessary.