Holding a festival, celebration or corporate event this summer?

Despite the rise in digital marketing and advertising, locally nothing does the job like an eye-catching poster.

Posters are perfect for local events where you want to attract the masses, such as job fairs, smaller music festivals or school fetes. While they might not be suitable for large-scale events, they’re still the most efficient form of advertising for local shin-digs.

If you require cheap printed posters then Monkey Banners can create full-colour posters in a variety of colours.

Our cheap printed posters are available in various sizes and include 100% free delivery.

If you haven’t already got a finished design for your poster, our highly skilled designers can create bespoke design for you. All we need is a high-resolution logo and the images you would like us to use.

Among our range of options, you have the choice of Outdoor Printed Posters which will withstand even the most inclement weather. Each poster can be trimmed to size and come with an overlap if required. None of our finishes will involve any extra charges whatsoever.

Find out more about our cheap printed posters.

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